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Graham and Teresa have explored the world of SKHM to a depth that few have been able to achieve, and, most importantly, they have been able to share their experience with others through their words in the most beautiful way. Those who read about their experience will be initiated in a journey of the heart. I highly recommend allowing yourself to experience that journey.
Why anger is a problem

How often, in our stressful, chaotic lives, does a whole day pass without getting angry at something? How much of that anger do we simply bury or deny? How many times, after ranting, raving, and dumping our anger out on someone else, do we later wish we hadn’t?

As a society, we have become desensitized to anger. We are bombarded by media images of war, racial intolerance, violence, and crime; collectively we have come to tolerate incredibly high levels of anger, therefore individually we see no reason to give it up.

Yet, everyone has a problem with anger. It’s not just you, or me, or that guy at the traffic lights who does his nut when the car up ahead forgets to indicate. Anger is endemic to modern life, it’s everywhere, and this fact alone makes it much more likely that we’ll put up with it – with all sorts of horrible consequences for ourselves and others – rather than do something about it.

It’s almost certainly true that we can’t prevent anger arising, but we certainly can change our attitude to it when it does – and we can change how we deal with it. Most of us feed our anger. We rage at feeling out of control and then blame others for our sense of powerlessness. Therefore, the anger never really goes. It’s stored away, unchanged, in our memories, our energy systems, and the cells of our bodies. But there has to be a better way of dealing with anger than merely going onto automatic and either bitterly swallowing it or spewing it back out in uncontrolled fury.

Perhaps, instead, we could talk to it. Listen to what it’s trying to tell us: because anger always has its own unique message. It’s a warning system. Red alert. Stop, it says, something’s wrong; some work has to be done here.

‘Work?’ you say, ‘I don’t like the sound of that.’ Nobody does. Generally speaking, we’d all like to avoid the work even though that means staying angry. However, the point is that we do have choices. Anger is a learned response, and it can be unlearned. It is a complex, self-perpetuating, negative cycle of events, thoughts, feelings and physical sensations - yet this cycle can be broken.

We do this firstly by acknowledging that we’re angry, then by expressing that anger in some appropriate form. We do it by taking responsibility for our anger; exploring its origins, and getting the message it’s trying to tell us. And, finally, breaking the cycle of anger means letting it go.

Extracts from Energy Works! Initiation without a Master.
Authors Teresa Parrott & Graham Crook. Foreword by Patrick Zeigler. ©O Books 2005

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