Dr Graham Crook
M.B. Ch.B.
SKHM Teacher
Reiki & Karuna Master

Dr Teresa Parrott
B.M. M.R.C.Psych. MSc.
SKHM Teacher
Reiki & Karuna Master

Energy Works! Initiation without a Master


Energy Works!



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Patrick Zeigler
Founder of the
All Love /
SKHM system
Graham and Teresa have explored the world of SKHM to a depth that few have been able to achieve, and, most importantly, they have been able to share their experience with others through their words in the most beautiful way. Those who read about their experience will be initiated in a journey of the heart. I highly recommend allowing yourself to experience that journey.

Contents of Energy Works!

Foreword by Patrick Zeigler

Chapter One: Introduction to All-Love

1.1 Discovering the All-Love energy
1.2 How the All-Love energy system developed
1.3 What is energy?
1.4 Energy systems of the body
1.5 What is healing?
1.6 What is healing energy?
1.7 What is Source?
1.8 What is spirituality?
1.9 What is an initiation?
1.10 What is the difference between an attunement and an initiation?
1.11 How does All-Love connect us to Source?
1.12 How does All-Love energy work?
1.13 How is All-Love unique?
1.14 How does All-Love differ from other systems of energy healing?
1.15 Who needs healing?
1.16 How do I choose which healing system to use?

Chapter Two: Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

2.1 Introduction: The Aims
2.2 Medicine – A Personal Account: Graham
2.3 Psychiatry – A Personal Account: Teresa
2.4 How emotional healing techniques developed
2.4.1 Freud: Why are we all neurotic?
2.4.2 Jung: The link between psychology and spirituality
2.4.3 Perls: ‘All therapy is play.’
2.5 Conclusion: The Rewards

Chapter Three: Working with All-Love Energy

3.1 The history and origins of All-Love
3.2 What does All-Love energy do? Personal Experiences
3.3 The Shenu Meditation
3.4 The Infinity Dance
3.5 What happens in an All-Love workshop?
3.6 Techniques used in All-Love
3.7 How the All-Love energy works in a group
3.8 Conclusion

Chapter Four: Understanding Anger

4.1 Why anger is a problem
4.2 Defining anger
4.3 Breaking the anger code
4.4 How anger affects the body
4.5 What we can do about anger
4.6 Why do we hold on to anger?
4.7 How the ego defends itself
4.8 How thoughts affect feelings
4.9 Changing beliefs
4.10 How anger affects the energy system
4.11 How to heal anger:
4.11.1 Acknowledging and expressing anger
4.11.2 Identifying your triggers
4.11.3 Learning to be assertive
4.11.4 Rehearsing strategies for dealing with your own and other people’s anger

Chapter Five: Understanding Anxiety

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Defining worry, anxiety and fear
5.3 What are you really afraid of?
5.4 How the past affects the present
5.5 ‘If I knew myself, I’d run away.’
5.6 The path to self-knowledge
5.7 How what we believe makes us anxious
5.8 How unexpressed emotions and negative beliefs predispose to illness
5.9 Recognising symptoms of anxiety and depression
5.10 Moving on from fear
5.11 How to heal anxiety:
5.11.1 Meditation
5.11.2 Hemisync
5.11.3 Reiki
5.11.4 Meditating with the All-Love energy
5.11.5 Balancing the Chakras
5.11.6 Focussing
5.11.7 Affirmations
5.11.8 Stream-of-consciousness writing.

Chapter Six: Understanding How the Mind Works

6.1 How do we learn?
6.2 Models of the mind
6.3 Changing your mind
6.4 New solutions for old problems
6.5 Why we do what we do
6.6 What is the shadow?
6.7 Accessing the unconscious mind

Chapter Seven: Dreams and Self-Hypnosis

7.1 Introduction
7.2 What are dreams?
7.3 Exploring different levels of reality
7.4 Techniques for gaining insights from dreams
7.5 What is hypnosis?
7.6 Telling a different story
7.7 Techniques in hypnosis
7.8 How hypnosis works: A Summary
7.9 Writing scripts
7.10 Sample scripts:
7.10.1 Preparing for journeying
7.10.2 Shedding a skin

Chapter Eight: Final Words

8.1 Introduction
8.2 The aims of All-Love
8.3 What is enlightenment?
8.4 Keeping your feet on the ground
8.5 New developments in All-Love
8.6 Closing meditation

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