Dr Graham Crook
M.B. Ch.B.
SKHM Teacher
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Dr Teresa Parrott
B.M. M.R.C.Psych. MSc.
SKHM Teacher
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Energy Works! Initiation without a Master


Energy Works!



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Patrick Zeigler
Founder of the
All Love /
SKHM system
Graham and Teresa have explored the world of SKHM to a depth that few have been able to achieve, and, most importantly, they have been able to share their experience with others through their words in the most beautiful way. Those who read about their experience will be initiated in a journey of the heart. I highly recommend allowing yourself to experience that journey.

Energy works!
Initiation without a Master

Dr Teresa Parrott, BM, MRCPsych. &
Dr Graham Crook, MB, ChB, MRCP (UK)

Foreword by Patrick Scott Zeigler, M.Arch.

This book shows you how you can connect with the energy of the Source, heal the pain of the past, shift your consciousness, and transform your life.

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on REM radio on the 5th February 2007
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Many of us have a deep yearning for something more. We know we’re not truly happy. We feel stuck. Yet there is a solution.

This book, written by a doctor and a psychiatrist, explains how we heal ourselves by becoming whole - becoming conscious of ourselves on all levels.

By fully expressing our emotions, by accepting all aspects of ourselves, by opening our hearts and truly wanting to receive, fear can be overcome; pain can be transformed.

We are much more than our physical body. We all have a spiritual essence, our higher self, or soul – the spark of life that makes us alive.

Many of us simply don’t realise this.

Patrick Zeigler, the founder of the All Love system, writes; ‘We are all already connected to Source. It is only our limited awareness that gives us the illusion that we are not.’

It is an illusion, but a painful one. The resulting sense of separation makes us feel alone, afraid, anxious and angry. Not knowing what to do with these emotions, we hide them away in our unconscious minds; we direct them inwards at ourselves, or outwards at other people.
Energy Works! Initiation Without a Master shows how we can do our own inner work, without a therapist; how we can connect to spiritual healing energy directly, without an intermediary.

An initiation is a powerful, immediate connection to the energy of Source. An intense feeling of love and joy. A sense of being at one, with yourself, with others - and with the Universe; a moment of awakening, when, suddenly, that illusion of separation is finally shattered.

It could happen to you while reading this book

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