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Patrick Zeigler
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Graham and Teresa have explored the world of SKHM to a depth that few have been able to achieve, and, most importantly, they have been able to share their experience with others through their words in the most beautiful way. Those who read about their experience will be initiated in a journey of the heart. I highly recommend allowing yourself to experience that journey.

Comments about the book

Energy works is a wonderful resource for those who are seeking personal and spiritual development.Drawing from a wide range of theories and psychotherapeutic processes it offers readers many valuable self help processes and offers down to earth explanations to demystify the world of psychotherapy. Definitely a book to "experience" and "be" with. Highly recommended and well worth several reads. I recommend to therapists, clients and students alike.

Kimberley Lovell,
Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Supervisor & Trainer www.soulutions.uk.com


This book has been an inspiration, I have worked with energy for a relatively short time and this gave me the insight into the whole picture.
The book can be read in short pieces whilst one is doing inner work, it is easy to understand even though in depth, I have received some fantastic experiences and feelings of great peace and above all self awareness and the ability to self heal

Ann Borders


Dear Teresa and Graham,
Thank you so much for the work and love you put into Energy Works! I really revelled in the book. Reading others' SKHM experiences started triggering me and opening my heart! :O) I have been working with Patrick for a while now and hope to soon be teaching. I would love to meet you in my travels in the All Love world. If Spain really goes non-smoking I may travel to one of your classes when Patrick is there. :O) I did want to tell you what I told Patrick. If the book ever goes into a second printing I hope you will let Patrick rewrite his introduction. It doesn't show his heart and brilliance. It is the only part of the book I did not fully enjoy. Other than that I was in heaven, or more accurately All Love! :O) Many blessings to you both for what you are doing!
Thanks Again!
All Love,


I know the authors. They are delightful, and special, people. It is, though, despite that fondness that I write this review, not because of it.

I am always nervous reading friends’ work. If it stinks … Well, there are only so many variations on ‘What can I say?’! I’m delighted to say that, in this case, such anxieties were allayed almost as soon as I started to read.

Teresa is a psychiatrist who sets big store by the spiritual and metaphysical. She thus invites comparisons to be drawn with the late Scott Peck. It is a measure of the book’s worth that she can stand, and easily, such comparison.

For those, like me, who have read ‘The Road Less Travelled’ and loved it, it is an excellent companion-piece, where both shed further light on each other. For those, like certain friends of mine, who have read ‘The Road Less Travelled’ and loathed it, it would, I think, be a less grating introduction to self-improvement. To those who have never read Peck’s book, or even heard of it, it would provide an easily digestible guide-book into the infinitely fascinating, and desperately important, task of knowing ourselves.

‘Energy Works’ is sub-titled ‘Initiation Without a Master’. Its sort-of sub-plot is to introduce the reader to a form of spiritual practice called ‘SKHM’. And I’m sure it does so admirably. But I really don’t think you need to be in the least bit interested in SKHM to derive considerable benefits from the book. Indeed this introduction is not, to me, the book’s essence. Which is: to start to introduce you to yourself.

Polonius’s dictate ‘Unto thine own self be true’ has been inscribed over one of the healthier portals of the 21st Century. There is a rather touching belief that, in order to be true unto yourself, you need do no more than be aware of the axiom. The truth is, that being true to ourselves is probably the single greatest challenge any one of us is going to face. And most of the manuals on how to accomplish it, whilst plentiful, are mostly lamentable.

‘Energy Works’ is not lamentable. Not by a long, long chalk. Its language is deceptively simple, and complicated wheels-within-wheels situations are depicted and dissected with jargon-free clarity and no little humour.

It has long been a source of pride to me that I could count Teresa and Graham amongst my friends. That pride has only been deepened by the fact that they have written such a splendid, and important, book.

Gregory Dark,
Author, Film director.

I happened to visit a large book shop because in Israel, books in English are quite expensive and there isnt much of a selection in my field. I happened to have noted your book on the shelf!

When I flipped through a few pages, my eyes fell on the description of the Shenu meditation. My legs became like wet noodles. I couldn't believe I was reading what I have just recently started doing about two months ago.

In my counseling and healing practice I was requesting for a better system of healing. Suddenly a few months ago I found myself standing beside my patient and I visualized this stream of light that reached the heavens and the earth. They showed me that it was Mother Earth and the elements and Father Sky. When the energy met at my heart, the force that flowed through my hands was like electricity. The patients had many positive reactions, but I think I got the best part of it....

I have completed reading your book, and I was wondrously touched by all that you both wrote.

Batya Gollan Ph.D.
"The power of life is in your heart and mind"
website: http://treeoflight.bravehost.com

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