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Patrick Zeigler
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Graham and Teresa have explored the world of SKHM to a depth that few have been able to achieve, and, most importantly, they have been able to share their experience with others through their words in the most beautiful way. Those who read about their experience will be initiated in a journey of the heart. I highly recommend allowing yourself to experience that journey.
How the All-Love Energy System Developed

Patrick had longed to spend the night in the Great Pyramid since childhood. When he finally visited it in 1980, he was overjoyed to find a small opening to the left of the King’s Chamber. There was a narrow tunnel where thieves had tried to break through the wall, and he discovered that the gate closing the entrance was not locked. It was the perfect place to hide.

He left the Pyramid, started fasting, and returned the next day with his rucksack. When no one was looking, he crawled into the tunnel and found a small room just above the King’s Chamber, where he meditated until everyone had left the Pyramid at night. He then made his way back to the King’s Chamber and lay down in the sarcophagus.

He soon realised that the chamber was full of mosquitoes. Therefore, having brought a toilet roll in his rucksack, he wrapped himself in it, got back in the sarcophagus and lay there looking just like a mummy.

After meditating for a while, he heard a thumping sound like footsteps coming up from the gallery below. He lay still, thinking he would be discovered, yet no one appeared, and he suddenly realised that the sound was not human. He was terrified.

The sound entered the room, pulsating throughout the Chamber, and a swirling pattern of electric blue light appeared, hovering above him. A part of him knew that this was why he had come. He thought, ‘Do what you have to do,’ and at that moment, the brilliant blue light came down into his heart. For a moment, there was a total silence, and he wondered if he was still alive. Then his heart seemed to expand as the sound filled it and merged with the sound of his heartbeat. The light swirled through his heart and body in a figure-of-eight or infinity pattern. He lay there peacefully all night filled with energy and an immense feeling of joy and love.

The next morning, he returned to his hiding place, and meditated a while before coming out to join a group of tourists leaving the Pyramid. The guards started shouting at him to stop, but, ignoring them, he jumped on a bus that took him back to his hotel.

The following week, Patrick spent some time with the Brahani order of Sufism. This helped him to ground what he had experienced with the energy, gave him more understanding of it, and suggested ways in which he might teach it. He also received the final attunement of their order.

After this, whenever he put his hands on his body, he felt a powerful energy, and his pains or illnesses would disappear.

When he started working with the energy, he used it for his own personal healing. Later, he used it with other people. He had previously practised yoga and meditation, and on his return to the United States, he went to a healing school in New Mexico run by Robert March, where he learned massage and started to develop his healing skills. It was a massage school, but Robert March encouraged him to do energy work, so he did this both alone and in combination with massage. He had a session of Reiki, and realised that it was similar to what he was already doing. Intrigued, he took Reiki 1 and 2 that same weekend. That was in 1984, and a year later, he went to Georgia to study with Barbara Weber Ray, and received the Reiki Master attunement. He found that Reiki did not lead to any increase in the amount or intensity of the energy that he was already channelling. He realised that he had already connected with the energy, and that the energies, whatever they were called, were simply different aspects of the one Source.

Later, Patrick went to California, where he met a medium called Christine Gerber, who was channelling a spirit named Marat. Patrick had a lot of questions. Much of what he had been taught about Reiki – for example, that the symbols were Tibetan - did not make sense to him, and he wanted to see if Marat could give him some further insights. Through a form of automatic writing, Marat said that the energy that Patrick was channelling was not Reiki but ‘Setim.’ The word didn’t feel quite right to Patrick so, later, meditating on what he had been told by Marat, he heard the sound ‘saykhem.’ He wasn’t sure how sure how to spell this word. The nearest rendering seemed to be Seichim (pronounced say-keem). Later on, other spellings were used, including Sekhem and SKHM, pronounced Say-kem, which are renderings of the ancient Egyptian word meaning highest spiritual power or energy.

Initially, Patrick started teaching using a process of attunements similar to those used in Reiki. People were excited and amazed to experience the energy. The sessions that he had with Marat confirmed many of the things that he was already doing— such as passing the energy to others through attunements, and encouraged him to continue developing his own techniques.

Marat confirmed that the Infinity symbol, which Patrick had been using in his healing and Infinity Dance, was a key symbol. He also mentioned another symbol, which he called the Breath of Life. Patrick later wondered if this might have been the Reiki distance symbol, which is sometimes called the Tree of Life, but then realised that it was in fact the Ankh. He experimented using some of the Reiki symbols in his attunements, but he was not comfortable with them; and they did not always seem to work, so he returned to using the Infinity and the Ankh.

He continued to investigate other systems of energy healing, and began to use sound healing and visualisations. What he found the most effective was to guide people to visualise a brilliant sun. They brought the light from the sun down into their body forming a column of light, and he would then guide them to visualise an infinity symbol descending through that column of light.

In the early years, Seichim was often taught along with Reiki and followed a similar template, so it came to be viewed as an alternative form of Reiki; although its origins were quite distinct. In fact, many Reiki Masters decided to make Seichim a higher degree of Reiki. As more people started to use the energy, they incorporated their own images and associations and began to mould different systems according to their individual experiences. Various symbols were added and some people linked the energy to particular deities, such as Sekhmet or Isis.

Gradually, different systems were developed, including Seichim, Seichem, and Sekhem. Similar to the various Reiki systems, which require a series of attunements from a Master, they all use an attunement process, in which the teacher alters a person’s energy system to allow him or her to channel the energy. An attunement connects that person with the energy, but it does not necessarily lead to an Initiation, which is a deeper integration of the energy.

Although, as mentioned previously, the energies of all spiritual healing systems are aspects of the one Source, the techniques used to connect and work with the energy vary greatly.

The system that Patrick currently uses differs in major respects to both the old Seichim and the Reiki systems. He does not use any type of attunement. His vision has always been that people can be helped to experience an initiation through their own effort, without the need for an intermediary. Over years of working with the SKHM energy, he has developed techniques and methods which enable this to happen – and which make his system unique.

In order to avoid confusion, he has now called this system All-Love.

Extracts from Energy Works! Initiation without a Master.
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