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Down to Earth: Mediumship for Sceptics
Dr Teresa Parrott, BM,MRCPsych.
International Medium, Sue Brotherton

        “Death is not the end of everything,” says leading medium Sue Brotherton.” We don’t just shuffle off and disappear.” Proving just that has been her job for over thirty years. But even she admits, “mediums are generally seen as away with the fairies.” So what happens when her life’s work is taken apart by psychiatrist Teresa Parrott?         The difference between working with the unconscious mind and the spirit world is examined closely, the myths of mediumship are dispelled, the evidence for life after death is finely measured.         Down to Earth is mediumship for sceptics, presented by sceptics.
        It could change the way you look at death.
        It could also change the way you look at life

Teresa Parrott studied Medicine at Southampton University, specialising in Psychiatry as a post-graduate. This included training in individual psychodynamic psychotherapy. She became a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1992. She is currently working as a psychiatrist in the UK.

She took a sabbatical from work and moved to Spain. There she met Sue Brotherton. This is the first book they have written together. The sequel is already underway.

Teresa’s interests include poetry, playing the piano, and working out.

Sue Brotherton has been acknowledged as one of the top mediums in the UK. To the extent that, when writer and journalist Hazel Courteney received communication from Princess Diana after her death, she asked Sue Brotherton for verification.

Sue has travelled and tutored extensively, demonstrating and leading workshops worldwide. She also trained as a counsellor, and studied transpersonal psychology, which culminated in her developing a unique technique for helping clients.

The mother of two grown-up children, Sue and her husband, Dave, now live in Spain. Her interests include painting, cooking, and interior design.

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