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Foreword by Teresa Parrott

Chapter One: Life after Death

Spirit on Earth
What happens when we die
What people in the spirit world do
What it means when we sense a spirit

Chapter Two: Discovering Mediumship: The Medium Answers the Psychiatrist

What is mediumship?
When did you first discover you were a medium?
How did you feel when you first contacted the spirit world?
How did you practise and develop your mediumship?
Does your mediumship always work when you want it to?
How do you switch your mediumship on and off?
What does it feel like when you’re contacting spirit?
Do you have to be in an altered state of consciousness?
What is a spirit?
If I don’t believe in the afterlife, what will happen when I die?
How has being a medium affected your life?
What do you believe is the purpose of life?

Chapter Three: Myths About Mediumship

Myth No. 1: A medium is born.
Myth No. 2: Mediumship can be learned.
Myth No. 3: Everything that a medium receives comes from spirit.
Myth No. 4: A medium only tells you what you already know.
Myth No. 5: Mediums are fortune-tellers.
Myth No. 6: Mediums are schizophrenic.
Myth No. 7: Mediumship is harmful.
Myth No. 8: Spirits can cause us harm.
Myth No. 9: When we pass into spirit we are suddenly transformed to a higher spiritual level.
Myth No. 10: Life’s a bitch and then you die.
Myth No. 11: Mediums go round meddling.
Myth No. 12: Mediums only talk to dead people.
Myth No. 13: It’s too late.

Chapter Four: What a Medium Does: Questions & Answers

How did you discover mediumship?
How easy is it to give fine details about a spirit contact?
How do spirits usually make themselves known?
Are some spirits difficult to contact?
Are there times when the medium gets it wrong?
Are there people who try to make it difficult for the medium?
Is it easier for a medium to contact a spirit for you if you believe in the afterlife?
Can you see into the future?
Do you always tell the truth?
What have you learned from mediumship?
What are the most common messages you have been asked to give from spirit?
Have you received messages in a different language?
Have you seen animals in the spirit world?

Chapter Five: Developing Mediumship

Chapter Six: How Mediumship Works – Questions & Answers
What is the aura?
What are the different ways of sensing spirit?
Clairvoyance; clairaudience; clairsentience; clairknowing; trance mediumship; transfiguration; materialisation; direct voice mediumship; psychic art; ouija boards and table-tilting; apports.
What makes a good medium?
Who do you consider were the great mediums?
What happens in a private sitting?
What happens in a demonstration?
What is it like to give a demonstration of mediumship?
What factors affect a medium’s sensitivity?
What are the dangers of mediumship?

Chapter Seven: The Principles of Spiritualism


Chapter Eight: Mediumship and Spirituality: Questions & Answers

When did mediumship begin?
Do you have to believe in God to be a medium?
What is the soul?
Do you believe in reincarnation?
Have you ever experienced anything that you couldn’t explain?
Are there other worlds beyond our life on earth and the spirit world?
Have you experienced non-human intelligences or realms beyond?
What is spiritual healing?
Can we send healing energy to the earth?

Chapter Nine: Working with Mind, Energy and Spirit

Levels of Consciousness
Projection and Personification
Transpersonal Work: Working with Sub-personalities
Psychic Work
Mediumistic Work

Chapter Ten: Training Mediums: Questions & Answers

What did you teach in your workshops?
Can anyone be a medium?
How can mediums be helped to develop their mediumship?

Chapter Eleven: Guides and Helpers: Questions & Answers

Do we all have a guardian angel?
Do you have a spirit guide?
What is channelling?
What is meant by higher realms of consciousness? Can you connect with these?
Have there been times when you have been frightened?
What is psychic attack?
Exercising the power of your mind

Chapter Twelve: Final Words

Slaying the Dragon

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