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Patrick Zeigler Founder of the All Love / SKHM system
Graham and Teresa have explored the world of SKHM to a depth that few have been able to achieve, and, most importantly, they have been able to share their experience with others through their words in the most beautiful way. Those who read about their experience will be initiated in a journey of the heart. I highly recommend allowing yourself to experience that journey.
Vicky Barnes, Teacher,
SKHM Teacher
Firstly, for anyone considering attending a class in Malaga, Spain from the UK, I can highly recommend the experience - go for it! With many fantastic deals on flights and a flight time from Bristol of 2 hours 25 minutes, Malaga is easily accessible. Graham and Teresa are wonderful hosts, providing a very safe and supportive space for the class. Graham speaks Spanish fluently and does an admirable job of translating, helping everyone to feel more at home. For me personally it was such a treat. The opportunity to bond with such a great bunch and to share in their healing process, combined with the idyllic location with breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea, really helped to make this a memorable trip. Thank you!
Marcus Vinnicombe, Hypnotherapist, SKHM Teacher
From a hypnotherapist’s point of view, at the workshop, I was witnessing around me people getting to places in a matter of a few hours, that under normal circumstances could take months to arrive at.
Every tear you cry in an All Love session is like a million you’ve cried in the past without ever getting to the real source of the pain.
Katja Kaiser, Office Manager. SKHM Teacher
The workshop definitively changed my life. It gave me the opportunity to come in contact with my deeper emotions, and to work out emotional blocks for myself. I was able to forgive people who had hurt me, and to heal an important part of my inner being. Finally I was crying because of such happiness, being grateful to the Universe for giving me the opportunity to experience a love that I had never felt before; to love and accept myself, and to give and receive love from everyone around me. I felt like a
new person

What is All Love / SKHM?

SKHM simply means highest spiritual power or energy. SKHM was re-discovered by Patrick Zeigler in 1980, when he spent the night in the Great Pyramid in Egypt and experienced a spontaneous initiation.

Different people have worked with the SKHM energy, and different systems have evolved, including Seichim, Seichem, and Sekhem. These, like Reiki, all use healing spiritual energies, and they all use an attunement process, in which the teacher alters a person’s energy system in order to connect that person to the energy. And some have actually called it, Egyptian Reiki.

In contrast, SKHM enables each individual to establish his or her own direct connection to Source without an intermediary.

In an SKHM/All-Love workshop, the student is supported in making his or her own connection with the healing energy. When this occurs, there is a strong, direct stream of energy channelled from Source.

We use ‘flowing meditations,’ allowing and guiding the flow of energy, so that an individual opens him or herself to the energy and experiences a spontaneous initiation, from within, whenever s/he is ready to do so.

Group meditations are very effective, because the energy increases in the group. The meditation encourages people to consciously use the breath, and to observe the changing sensations in the body; this increases awareness of the feelings, tensions and blocks that are held in the body. Toning helps to express sounds from within the body, which can enable a shift in energy and emotion, and can help to open the Chakras.

The visualisations within the meditations help to keep a focussed awareness. They guide people towards the conscious opening of the heart centre— towards opening the crown and filling the heart with light, and grounding the column of light to the Earth.

How is SKHM/All-Love Unique?

SKHM/All-Love is unique in that the person opens up to the energy and allows it to enter into his or her energy system. The teacher facilitates this process by encouraging the student to become aware of the emotions and energies that are preventing the energy from fully entering the body; and which are likely to stop him or her from moving forward in life. With help, the student is then able to release and get to the root of the problem and then heal it. This can lead to a spontaneous initiation.

Another unique aspect of SKHM/All-Love is that spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing techniques are an integral part of the class. When a student encounters painful emotions or energy blocks, the teacher helps him or her to express these emotions and to overcome the blocks. Since these healing techniques have been incorporated into the SKHM/All-Love system, more frequent and more powerful Initiations have been experienced within the group.

The student is less likely than in other systems to become dependent on the teacher, because s/he achieves Initiation through his or her own effort, by allowing his or her own process to unfold. If you do not experience an initiation, it is because something in you is preventing this from happening. If you do experience one, it is through your own effort – this gives you a much greater sense of your own power. An initiation is not a passive process; the teacher helps you, and the energy helps you, but you normally have to do your own inner work for an initiation to occur.

Extracts from Energy Works! Initiation without a Master.
Authors Teresa Parrott & Graham Crook. Foreword by Patrick Zeigler. ©O Books 2005

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