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Patrick Zeigler Founder of the All Love / SKHM system
Graham and Teresa have explored the world of SKHM to a depth that few have been able to achieve, and, most importantly, they have been able to share their experience with others through their words in the most beautiful way. Those who read about their experience will be initiated in a journey of the heart. I highly recommend allowing yourself to experience that journey.
Vicky Barnes, Teacher,
SKHM Teacher
Firstly, for anyone considering attending a class in Malaga, Spain from the UK, I can highly recommend the experience - go for it! With many fantastic deals on flights and a flight time from Bristol of 2 hours 25 minutes, Malaga is easily accessible. Graham and Teresa are wonderful hosts, providing a very safe and supportive space for the class. Graham speaks Spanish fluently and does an admirable job of translating, helping everyone to feel more at home. For me personally it was such a treat. The opportunity to bond with such a great bunch and to share in their healing process, combined with the idyllic location with breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea, really helped to make this a memorable trip. Thank you!
Marcus Vinnicombe, Hypnotherapist, SKHM Teacher
From a hypnotherapist’s point of view, at the workshop, I was witnessing around me people getting to places in a matter of a few hours, that under normal circumstances could take months to arrive at.
Every tear you cry in an All Love session is like a million you’ve cried in the past without ever getting to the real source of the pain.
Katja Kaiser, Office Manager. SKHM Teacher
The workshop definitively changed my life. It gave me the opportunity to come in contact with my deeper emotions, and to work out emotional blocks for myself. I was able to forgive people who had hurt me, and to heal an important part of my inner being. Finally I was crying because of such happiness, being grateful to the Universe for giving me the opportunity to experience a love that I had never felt before; to love and accept myself, and to give and receive love from everyone around me. I felt like a
new person

The First All Love / SKHM workshop in Spain

Personal Experiences

Carol Sherriff
Fantastic workshop. Thank you.
Don´t know what improvements you could make. I thought the individual and collective experience was awesome.

Daniel González
The workshop is an extraordinary experience. It has helped me dicover what I can do with myself.
Marcus and Graham provide excellent guidance and steer the whole experience in an optimal way, to allow the participant to come to heights unthought-of beforehand.

Powerful, supportive, generous. The experience exceeded my expectations.
Great location. Good pace and variation of activities.

Jack Cox
A very powerful workshop.

Pedro Suarez
This was an experience. Better said, it is an experience becuase it hasn't finished yet. This experience will remain with me forever. The idea that everything and everyone is 'one' is what will remain with me.

Workshop Iz, Croatia, August 2008

Marta Laurent Veciana
Of all the SKHM workshops that I have done with different teachers, this has been the one where I felt most supported. The majority of teachers let you sink to the bottom, and sometimes that can help, because sometimes you yourself say enough is enough. There are other teachers that accompany you and force you to be there others accompany you and are there with you. But I hadn't found any teacher who said come out of there and lets sort it. And that is what I liked, the support and guidance.

Jayne from London
Graham and Marcus are an intuitive and complementary team and a real treat to work with. They work exceptionally hard and are committed to every participant getting what is right for them. Despite this intensity, their approach remains light, as neither has lost sight of the appropriate use of humour as a healing tool.

Daniela Carasci

Enrique Martín González

I have been to many SKHM workshops, but in none of them have I found the support and personal care that I found in this workshop with Graham and Marcus. And sincerely I have learnt many things; I have breathed an ambience of love and group unity. The truth is that this is one of my best SKHM workshops and I have really enjoyed it.


Susana Quintero Rodriguez

Well, I have had the sensation and I am convinced that I know why I came. I know why I am here; I had to be here. I am really pleased that I came. Apart from the general ambience and what the island gives, the energy that I spent in the workshop has been love, forgiveness on my part, and an experience where I was able to go deep inside myself and speak to my heart and allow my heart to speak to me. I am very grateful to everyone, to everything and to myself.


Ricardo Rowland

I liked the workshop. I am quite satisfied with what I have achieved. But I have to keep working at it. The workshop, I really liked.


Nicolas Sicilia

It was an interesting experience. In my experience it was like a seed that represents a new beginning. A new beginning within the path. It isn´t a new path. It is a new perspective within the same path. To start with I thought it was going to be more transcendental, like a before and after: and it was like that but not in the way that I expected. It was very profound and intense and there is still a lot to integrate. But above all the sensation that it has left is the sensation is that a great deal of possibilities and things have opened up for me. The experience as a whole has been very positive.


Alicia Carrasco
It was quite interesting. An interesting experience. I have discovered a new way to work with the energy and above all the love of my companions. To learn to love them. It has been very enjoyable.

Ana Maria Fernandez Marques

In this workshop I worked a lot, no, we worked a lot. I have had various experiences that I have not had before. I think that I am now able to express my love in a tenderer and sweeter way towards myself and the people surrounding me. I believe that when the energy of the heaven and the earth unites in the heart centre of each person it is such a wonderful place that you never want to leave.


The truth is that it has been very useful for me. It has helped to unblock me, and to learn tools that I can use from now on. I have had incredibly strong experiences that I cannot explain with words. This has been a revelation for me, it has opened many doors to allow me to do anything in life. To help me to know myself, to work with certain things, to feel better, to feel love all around. It has been very complete - It is incredible.


Ixiar Yerobi
Graham y Marcus, I liked the way that you did the workshop; the support that you gave to everyone who needed it. Keep doing it like this. It was very nice (although there were difficult moments).



Workshop Benalmadena - November 2007

Maria Matic
When I started with SKHM, most of the time I was feeling all the anger, the pain and the fear that I didn't allow myself to experience in the past, but after going through these emotions and forgiving myself and the people involved, I started to feel in my heart an ocean of love, compassion and gratitude. For me SKHM is a wonderful tool for self-healing: I experience beautiful sensations when I meditate, an ecstatic connection with the Universe but what I like the most about it is that I can see the changes and the results in my daily life.
I am very grateful to all the people that I met during this journey, for all the love and support that I received.

Workshop Benalmadena - July 2007

Maite Balbuena

Hi Graham,

Summarising my experience in a few words - THE JOY OF FEELING LOVE AND LOVING.

It is wonderful to know that by breathing properly you can connect to this Energy which forms a part of you and to feel all the emotions and all that you feel during the process, which allows you to feel that enormous Love.

Thank you once again for being there, Thank you for the work that you do which is marvellous. Thank you for your support. Thank you for the love which you give. Y thanks also to life because an angel has fallen from heaven.

Thanks to Teres, Katja and Marcus. Your presence is Magical, it is Love.

A big hug with all my love, Maite.


Maria Matic
Thank you very much for everything. The workshop was great. Ifelt like being in family and I had a lot of fun.


Workshop Madrid - April 2007

Alicia Lopez
For me it has been a very special experience. When I felt the energy so strongly it scared me a little but at the same time it was a very good sensation. I am a person who normally hides my emotions but here I was able to show them without feeling ashamed and without worrying about what others thought.

I would just like to give thanks for all the love that I received, that you have given me. You are great. I love you.


Begoña. Calvo
I am really pleased that I did the workshop.. in spite of the resistance there was beforehand. Thanks to all three of the teachers. And I really liked the place for the workshop.

Pepa Vijuesca
I worked really intensely with my inner child and my energy. I have been fascinated by the workshop. I know that I am going to do more workshops. Thank you very much to the three teachers – guides.

Workshop Madrid - December 2006

Pilar Cuadrillero

I can still feel the energy and it feels really good. I know that you will tell me that I did all the work, but without your help I wouldn’t have been able to do it. The workshops that I attended before were very good for me, the results were very positive, but what happened to me in this workshop is greater than in any of the others. It is worthwhile going through some painful times if you receive the reward that I have. It was a really strong connection with the energy and I wasn’t expecting it. It may be that the next workshop is different but I consider this as a great birthday present. As I told you at the end of the workshop, it is difficult to put into words what I felt, but it was close to what I would consider as feeling fulfilled, of joining with Everything, with the Universe. For an instant I was completely happy and at peace with everything and everyone. I have to tell you that I received what I asked for at the start of the workshop and much more. I just wanted to tell you and to give you my thanks for your support.

Pedro Espadas

To discover something new is always pleasant. When it also surprises you it becomes enriching. And when it leaves you with the desire to know more, it opens a path towards growth. In this workshop there were new things, surprises and uneasiness that opened doors. It only leaves me to say that I am leaving happy and feeling lighter but with the sensation that the best is still to come. A thousand thanks.

Maite Fernández

This is my second workshop and I was careful what I asked the Universe for. Just the same as in the first workshop I received what I asked for and am very happy with the result. I like the variation in the meditations. I value and appreciate the guidance of Katja, Marcus and Graham. A hug from my heart.

Carmen Gónzalez

I didn´t have the words to explain what I experienced in this workshop (and I still don´t). But I would like to thank you for the opportunity that you have given me to learn and to feel so much. I send you, Katja, a big hug and another 2 for Graham and Marcus. I love you all.

Workshop Madrid - July 2006

Marcel Soler

The workshop began with a group of strangers, changed into a group of friends and ended as a small family. The teachers were very attentive and knew how to support and guide in each moment. I felt protected and in a safe space.
I was able to remember very emotional events in a simple way and in a protected space, memories that I thought I would never be able to resolve or that I would find very difficult. I would recommend this workshop because it is a simple way to resolve emotional knots and to reach inner peace.


Maite Fernández

It was the opportunity to reach my feelings and emotions, to accept them and to integrate them. To reach the root of the feelings as they arose accompanied by the teachers. I recommend this workshop because I would like everyone to benefit from what this workshop gives.



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