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Patrick Zeigler Founder of the All Love / SKHM system
Graham and Teresa have explored the world of SKHM to a depth that few have been able to achieve, and, most importantly, they have been able to share their experience with others through their words in the most beautiful way. Those who read about their experience will be initiated in a journey of the heart. I highly recommend allowing yourself to experience that journey.
Vicky Barnes, Teacher,
SKHM Teacher
Firstly, for anyone considering attending a class in Malaga, Spain from the UK, I can highly recommend the experience - go for it! With many fantastic deals on flights and a flight time from Bristol of 2 hours 25 minutes, Malaga is easily accessible. Graham and Teresa are wonderful hosts, providing a very safe and supportive space for the class. Graham speaks Spanish fluently and does an admirable job of translating, helping everyone to feel more at home. For me personally it was such a treat. The opportunity to bond with such a great bunch and to share in their healing process, combined with the idyllic location with breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea, really helped to make this a memorable trip. Thank you!
Marcus Vinnicombe, Hypnotherapist, SKHM Teacher
From a hypnotherapist’s point of view, at the workshop, I was witnessing around me people getting to places in a matter of a few hours, that under normal circumstances could take months to arrive at.
Every tear you cry in an All Love session is like a million you’ve cried in the past without ever getting to the real source of the pain.
Katja Kaiser, Office Manager. SKHM Teacher
The workshop definitively changed my life. It gave me the opportunity to come in contact with my deeper emotions, and to work out emotional blocks for myself. I was able to forgive people who had hurt me, and to heal an important part of my inner being. Finally I was crying because of such happiness, being grateful to the Universe for giving me the opportunity to experience a love that I had never felt before; to love and accept myself, and to give and receive love from everyone around me. I felt like a
new person

Similarities between SKHM and Reiki

By Rachel McCormack

Reiki was developed by a Japanese man, Mikao Usui in the early 20th century as a non-religious, non-dogmatic path to enlightenment. It was born from Usui’sexperiences as a Tendai Buddhist, and, when as close as is possible to get tothe original techniques are studied, the influences of esoteric Buddhism are clear.

SKHM was developed by Patrick Zeigler in the late 20th century as a result of his own mystical experiences, particularly those he experienced while staying the night inside the Great Pyramid at Gaza in Egypt in 1979. He then further developed his knowledge studying with Sufis in Egypt and the Sudan and then various healing techniques in the US, including Western Reiki and Alchemical Hypnotherapy.

Both SKHM and Reiki have, especially in the 1990s undergone immense changes with many people adding on techniques from different traditions, changing the names of things and adding on symbols. Often elements of SKHM (or All Love, which are the two names that Patrick uses to call his system) and Reiki are combined, with the practitioner claiming that something new has been created.

When trying to de-construct Reiki to its original elements we encounter the difficulties of lack of historical knowledge about Japan, as well as the impenetrable brick wall that seems to surround Westerners in their attempts to uncover this history. There is also the problem of the amount of cultural knowledge of Japan that is required by a Westerner to even begin to approach the Japanese. Fortunately in the case of SKHM, or Seichim or Sekhem, this is much easier as one can simply e-mail Patrick directly and ask. Despite this, rumours and misconceptions about the history and origins of SKHM abound and many people still appear to cling to these half-truths in the face of clear evidence from the founder to the contrary.

History apart, both Reiki and SKHM are ways to connect to the Divine within and are non-dogmatic forms of achieving what Eastern traditions would call enlightenment and Western mystics would call God Consciousness. As with most real mystical paths, to really follow and practice SKHM and Reiki isn’t easy. The student is required to study for life and to continually work on her or himself, stripping away those parts, attachments as Buddhists would say, or what Patrick terms the mental filters of the mind, that impede his or her spiritual progress.
These parts may also be causing emotional and physical problems that need released for a person to fully live and be here.

In Reiki, one is taught in the first class to connect with the energy, get a feel for it and learn to use it. In the second level one encounters three symbols and some teachers also teach their jumon or kotadama that they have learned from students of Chris Marsh. The jumon was taught by Usui before he started using symbols and was used to introduce the energy to students who were having difficulty connecting by meditation alone. The symbols in level two are designed to connect the student first to earth energy to ensure that the spiritual practice is grounded in the body and then to heavenly energy. Finally in level two the 3rd
symbol and jumon is taught to connect to heart energy where one feel the oneness of the universe and the merging of heaven and earth. Finally one encounters the Master symbol where the student begins to really understand with their whole being that they are a great shining light.

In Usui’s teachings these steps were taken slowly, with the student requiring to show complete understanding of every part of each practice and jumon until they moved on – the student being guided by a practised master to go at their own pace and receive the amount of energy that they needed at each given time. SKHM is a similar process but the student is presented with all the information at the one time. That information is simply the Shenu meditation, the Infinity Dance
and, as of January 2005, the Enlightenment Activation. This allows the student to experience what he or she is able to each time they do a workshop or work on themselves at home.

While SKHM uses visualisations as opposed to symbols, the actual process is remarkably similar to Usui’s process with the symbols and jumon. In SKHM one first connects to the heavens, then connects to the earth and the student is guided to really feel and know that connection to heaven and earth. This knowing is not a result of intellectual effort, but as a felt sense with the whole body – a felt
experience. In the process of feeling this connection people can have quite strong emotional reactions as stagnant energy, mental filters and attachments preventing this connection can arise. These emotions have to be fully felt and then let go of to be able to continue, and this can appear to be very hard work. Some students don’t want to feel, some don’t want to fully feel and may get addicted to a cycle where the same emotion appears again and again, but guided by a teacher they generally can get into a state where they let go, although this may take more than one workshop! The freedom that this gives a student to then go and fully live his or her life without so much ‘emotional baggage’ and hidden agendas is immeasurable. Being able to really feel that connection to the earth and to the heavens enables
the student to bring both heaven and earth into the heart and to feel that oneness that is the 3rd symbol in Reiki. In the SKHM Shenu it is talked about as the horizontal energy, the spark of the divine that is created in the heart space of a heart free of filters and blocks. Then the full greatness of being here on earth can be experienced as the Great White Shining Light of the 4th Reiki symbol or as the full expression of All Love and the All Love energy.

While Reiki and SKHM come from different traditions, both are remarkably similar in their intent and followers of other mystical traditions would recognise them and the steps required to be fully alive and fully here on earth.

Rachel McCormack teaches both Reiki from a Japanese perspective and Patrick Zeigler’s SKHM. Patrick will be visiting the UK in April 2006 for a workshop in Edinburgh. Details can be seen on

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